Use the app or website to enter your address and set pick up and drop off times that suit you best. Our driver will come and collect the soiled cloths and you will get the updates through our app.

All services have a standard turnaround time of 48hrs. The express deliveries are made in 24Hrs (charged 50% extra) i.e. next-day deliveries except the pickups made on Saturday. Also, items that are delegated or heavy to dry will take more than 48Hrs to deliver and we will be informing you prior.

All the order pickup/delivery will be charged AED 7 as pickup/delivery fee.

If you want all your items to be washed, please leave it as a note in the app and we will follow your instructions, unless that contradicts your item’s care label. By default, our wash man are trained to carefully read each item’s care instructions and decide whether it can be wash or dry cleaned, and the we will choose the best option for your item.

Not necessarily. You can leave your bag of laundry outside your home by the door. You can also leave your items with your doorman. Most of our customers are comfortable with laundry left at their doorstep, UAE is very safe, so I wouldn’t worry as we never had theft issues.

For dry cleaning items, our specialist dry cleaners use the highest quality equipment and industry-leading stain removal products. We cannot promise all stains will be removed, but we do promise we will do our best. Let us know in the app or tell our driver which items have stains you would like us to pay attention to.

We cannot process any articles containing hazardous materials or that have been soiled in blood (:s). Our team will inform you as soon as possible of any item that cannot be cleaned and we will return it hung or folded, but uncleaned. If we receives and can process any of these items, they will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and standard turnaround times do not apply.

The Laundry Hub servers do not store your credit card details. Payments are processed using Checkout. All information is encrypted using SSL as per the industry standard.

An itemized receipt will be updated on your app and sent to your e-mail once we inspect and count the cloths before processing.

You can pay through the app before the delivery or there is always option for cash payment. The cash payments will be charged AED2 as handing fees.

We value your input and will use it to improve our service towards you and all of our other customers. You may reach us on info@thelaundry-hub.com or call +971 800 5482. Note that we do not accept any complaint after 48Hrs from the delivery time.

We have a quality inspection before and after processing the laundry. Our inspection team will let you know in case of any defaults such as color fade or fabric damages found. We will process only after your confirmation, in case of delayed confirmations i.e. after 11:00 Am the delivery might not be made as per standard. In case of damages or loss of cloth from the laundry, a maximum compensation equals to 10 times of bill amount of that particular item.