Our Services

Laundry is a fact of life, which is why you should give
yourself one less thing to worry about and let The Laundry
Hub handle all of your laundry needs throughout Dubai.



The Laundry Hub processes your fabric with
hygienic starching to make it stiff and elegant..

Dry Cleaning

The Laundry Hub offers best in class dry cleaning
service retaining the freshness of your fabric..

Shoes & Bags

The Laundry Hub uses Imported Machines and Eco
Friendly detergents to take care of your fabric..

Steam Ironing

The Laundry Hub skillfully steams
and irons your fabrics to ensure a wrinkle- free finish.

Carpet & Curtains

No matter the size of the carpet or the type of curtain, The Laundry Hub tackles tough stains and restores the item’s original appearance.

Corporate Orders

The Laundry Hub offers special services for
Corporates. Contact us for more details..